During the Covid lockdown period from June 2021, many struggled to open up to their family and friends about their mental health because of the fear of being judged and shame for not being able to cope. It became apparent accessing to resources were limited – whether it was through language, culture or experience, these were a few of many barriers that deterred people in the community to seek help and instead ignore the signs and manage themselves.

Kelly Lam, the founder of The Feel Project felt there had to be other creative ways to help families open up and start a conversation about how they are feeling and learn how to help eachother instead of denying there is nothing wrong and hoping the thoughts and emotions would go away.

“In all the craziness of everyday life, I want my children to know that they are #1, that there is no problem in life that can’t be solved together”. Theresa from Skilled Health shared about how important it is as a mother to involve her children and share the importance about speaking up and talking about how they feel.

The Feel Project Self Care Box have designed some beautiful cards (in various languages) to start the conversation about self transformation. They’ve also shown the love by teaming up with local businesses to showcase the talents in our community.But there’s still more! 10% of the proceeds of these gift boxes will go to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation who work tirelessly to rescue children in Vietnam from sex trafficking, forced labor, and slavery and by providing shelter, education and employment. Today I feel happy, I feel fulfilled and I feel grateful to be part of such a noble cause”.

Learn more about the journey of The Feel Project Self-Care Box in the link below.


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