Creating inter-generational & cultural humility.

There is one thing that I have gained this year, learning & understanding more about my inner child self to be better, not bitter.

2021, I chose to take a step forward to explore and reach out to local community services where I would usually just walk and drive passed without realising there are people of service and people in need of service behind the buildings.

I have been in contact with CORE Community Services and leading up to Christmas in 2021, the abundance of generosity from D3 Care Lee Nguyen & Katrina Thu Le to help donate Christmas gifts to the children and self-care boxes to the educators has been the best and rewarding exchange!

The curious look on the kids’ faces made me realise how time is so so valuable. The hard work, efforts, mental resilience the educators have to provide the best care for the kids and their families is to be recognised. The list goes on.

The visit was a reminder that we are all people of service, no matter how old, or young we are, what shape or form. Thank you CORE Community Services, it was an insightful experience. We appreciate the reception!

For more information, head to the link below!

Photo 1. CORE Community Services Children and Educators with Kelly from The Feel Project and Lee from D3 Care.
Photo 2. CORE Community Services Educators with Kelly from The Feel Project and Lee from D3 Care.

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