How To Manage Anxiety In A Cultural Household


This practical guide is self-paced. It is to help you connect and understand why your cultural upbringing influences your mental health, how you can learn to process and build a relationship with your emotions and create a support system to improve your wellbeing.

Quick Checkout
  • Do you struggle with knowing how to manage your stress and anxiety?
  • Want to stop feeling like you are never good enough and being reactive to the smallest things and start being in control of your emotions?
  • Are you ready to learn exactly how I’ve helped second generations understand how their cultural upbringing influences their mental health?
  • Need a simple guide to help you create healthy coping strategies so that you can make your mental health a priority?

Is this you?

  • You thought graduating from uni, working 9-5 and earning a decent salary, buying a property, getting married e.t.c, is happiness
  • You have been meeting expectations for most of your life but it is never enough from your parents, grandparents.
  • You care what people think of you and don’t want to be a disappointment
  • You can’t work out why you are a perfectionist
  • You are constantly been told in family gatherings “you’re just like your mother!” or “you’re quiet like your father!” yet you don’t get why.
  • You spend more money on others than yourself because you want to please people
  • You find yourself spending hours on social media comparing your life to others and wish you can be like them
  • OR you feel like you have no purpose, no direction and don’t know how to take the next step – but you’d love to DO something about it.

If so, you’re in the right place.

We are here to help.

And we can’t wait to hear you shout out ” Ahhh, this is making sense now. I want to learn more!”

That’s what this workbook is designed to do.


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