Mind Health Collective and The Feel Project Announce Collaboration Helping Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Embrace Mental Health Care

Mind Health Collective, a boutique clinical psychology practice specializing in providing psychological care in English, Mandarin and Cantonese languages, and The Feel Project, a counselling practice focusing on cultural values to help second generations with mental wellness, today announced their collaboration to promote mental wellness within culturally and linguistic diverse (CALD) communities.

This partnership combines Mind Health Collective’s evidence-based approach to psychological care and The Feel Project’s work with mental health advocates to provide mental health services that center individuals’ diverse cultural experiences. We aim to place the needs of the community at the center of a collaborative mental health model by creating mental health awareness and promoting treatment intervention through workshops, educational material, peer support, and the involvement of health care partners from a wide range of disciplines. The goal of this collaboration is to build strong relationships within the community, and promote awareness, accessibility, and delivery of mental health services in culturally diverse community settings.

Stigma, lack of accessible information about mental illness and mental health services, as well as poor communication and cultural differences in a clinical or workplace setting are major barriers to timely access to mental health services. Research consistently shows that when a community has increased access to reliable, evidence-based mental health information and care, members of that community are more likely to lead healthy lifestyles and be proactive with their mental health. The collaboration between Mind Health Collective and The Feel Project serves to decrease mental health stigma and help patients take a more active role in treatment decision-making and in managing their mental health and wellbeing long term.

Mind Health Collective and The Feel Project are part of the mental health movement with a mission to inspire hope and help people create inner harmony and peace to lead a positive mental health journey.

You can learn more about Mind Health Collective by going to https://mindhealthcollective.com and The Feel Project on www.thefeelproject.com.au

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