🎄🎁🤲 You never know where you can be, if you don’t try.

Over a decade ago, I visited this hospital when my grandma had a terrible fall which led her to go through intensive rehab so she could recover and was under the best care in the rehabilitation ward. I have to add she was probably even more determined to be out so she could walk around Cabramatta to buy lotto tickets and get back into cooking & sewing pyjamas for her grand kids.

June 2021, I met Carol Huang, an awesome, down to earth and caring client of mine who I had the pleasure to help her through The Feel Project’s 8 week Reset Your Mind Program. We maintained contact since and it was so good to check in on one another and watch her progress. Something clicked a few weeks ago and I asked Carol where she worked. It was one of those moments where I remembered Carol sharing with me the type of work she does is in Palliative Care and shortly we were able to arrange a time for me to drop by Hammond Care Braeside Hospital to meet her and her team.

Spending a brief time with the team, it was undoubtedly an eye opener to how much the registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists (OT’s), and many more have braved and pushed through Covid to provide the utmost best care to the patients and their families.

So much goes unnoticed to the people in uniform.

We have to remember they are humans too with families, personal challenges, and so many factors where they put aside because they know, their role when they prepare for their shift is to be there for their patients. This is a start to understanding more of the work they do in their world.

Photo 1. Health & Essential Workers from Braeside Hospital and Kelly from The Feel Project.
Photo 2. Health & Essential Workers from Braeside Hospital receiving The Feel Project Self-Care Boxes.

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