The exciting announcement made by new owner and operator Rodney Williams.

PRO-OILS is one of Australia’s experienced aromatherapy companies. PRO-OILS, inspired by The Feel Project’s initiative will be contributing 100% pure essential oil blends to its mental wellness initiative, The Be Box – Be Kind. Be You. Believe.

The Feel Project aims to impact as many lives, focusing on creating awareness in a cultural community, helping people understand by improving self-care can lead to building a better, healthier and happier lifestyle.The sponsorship is a collaborative approach to promote mental wellness in a cultural community.

The collaboration includes making donations to The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.Find out more about PRO OILS if you’re looking for high quality aromatherapy products, including pure essential oil, essential oil blends, diffusers, massage oil, healing oil, cream/lotion, spritz, massage/beauty apparel and a comprehensive chakra range.

You can learn more about PRO-OILS by going to

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