The Feel Project announced an inaugural launch of The Be Box. It is a therapy kit to help generations practice mindfulness and connect by starting a conversation. The core idea of the Be Box is to encourage mental wellness and improve wellbeing.

In a time when the message of good mental health is needed more than ever, The Be Box is a unique way to help share this message to people in their own native language.

The concept is simple: a box with 3 essential oils, affirmation cards translated into various languages, music card, place holder and a stress ball.

The Feel Project is all about supporting local Aussie businesses and sourcing local materials, with each kit containing high-quality content from South West Sydney.

The brand’s founder Kelly Lam, first had the idea for The Be Box in October 2021, “feeling burnt out and looking for a way to express and talk to someone without fear and judgement”. Seeing a gap where inter-generational issues and mental health continues to be taboo in the community, which creates barriers between generations to openly talk about their mental health, they began to conceptualise the therapy kit that allows them to feel a sense of belonging and encourage communication in their language.

“We wanted to try different ways to create awareness in the cultural community for a while but couldn’t figure out how to make it accessible. Building the brand has been a work in progress, gratifying and a natural process.”

Talk about timing, The Be Box launched during COVID stay at home restrictions that has affected us all, which not only saw their sales gradually increase but, more importantly, meant they were able to spread their message quicker and further in what was such a crucial and relevant time.

“Our therpay kits are intended to help family and friends openly communicate about how they feel and be more of a starting point to talk about mental health without shame. With people staying home and away from their loved ones more and more, having something tangible to connect them through has never been more important.

“When people feel like they’re holding something special, they’re more likely to share the unboxing experience with their family and friends through word of mouth or on social media.”

The Feel Project’s success is proof that inter-generations are seeking products that are meaningful, creative, personal and encourage social interaction and togetherness.

Be Kind. Be You. Believe.

Click on the link below to learn more about The Be Box. Credit: Ben from yesloyal.

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